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Canadian Cybersecurity Network – Quarterly Canadian Cybersecurity Job Analysis (September 2023)


September 19th, 2023

In September there were 710 open cybersecurity job opportunities on Canadian Cybersecurity Jobs. A significant drop of over 19% from late spring. This can be attributed to the continued cost constraints, brought on by tougher economic and higher interest rates impacting, the Canadian economy. The Canadian Cybersecurity Network has seen the impact on its members with employee reductions or rationalizations in some companies. The impact has been small compared to the impacts on other technology industry participants. With the economic impacts, came a belt tightening across most cybersecurity departments and organizations as well as some job hiring freezes. Read more.


talentNew cybersecurity website focused on making Canada the envy of the cybersecurity world

September 11th, 2023

The Canadian Cybersecurity Network, Canada's largest cybersecurity member network with over 30,000 members has launched a new website to focus on three key goals; Increase cybersecurity talent and businesses in Canada and to help Canada become one of the world’s most cyber aware nations. The network has been in place for less than four years, but in the past year it has doubled in size. The organization also runs Canadian Cybersecurity Jobs, the only job cybersecurity job portal in Canada. Read more.


CyberTowns - Which are the best cyber towns in Canada to work?

OCTober 2nd, 2023


The Canadian Cybersecurity Network in conjunction with Canadian Cybersecurity Jobs has launched a Canada wide initiative to determine which of Canada’s cities has the best cybersecurity environment and culture, to develop a vibrant cybersecurity career. Taking in remote work, lifestyle, taxes, number of employment opportunities and much more, the survey will provide great insight, when married to available Canadian statistical data for those locations. Read more.