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Island - Browser technology is re-thinking security

How did your company get started?

The company was founded by Mike Fey, Dan Amiga and Brian Kenyon who looked at the current security market and wondered how do we change how we are doing things. It occurred to them that the browser was the one area that the Enterprise didn't control but was the access point for data and applications in the modern workspace. What if we made the browser work for the Enterprise. Sometimes changing one thing changes everything.

Why are you different?

Island has created the world’s first Enterprise browser platform that brings visibility, security and trust into the browser and enhances the end users workspace. But we don't stop there. Island is also focused on increasing productivity and simplifying how work gets done. 

Tell us something interesting about your company, your founders or your team.

The company is co-founded by Mike Fey and Dan Amiga both industry veterans who have come together to create a unique environment attracting the best talent in the industry. As our CTO Dan runs all product engineering and development out of our Tel Aviv offices while Mike runs our GTM teams out of our Dallas head office.

Tell us why your employees love working for you or your customers keeping coming back.

Quite simply or employees and our clients all love Island because we have built something that is unique and truly innovative. Our clients love the platform as it is the first solution they have seen that takes a different approach and solves so many problems so elegantly.