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Tanium - Endpoint management re-defined

How did your company get started?

Tanium founders, David & Orion Hindawi, founded the company to address a fundamental problem with the industry.  No matter how many endpoint management and security tools that an organization uses, they still struggle to answer the most basic of questions:

- How many endpoints do we have?
- Where are they?
- Who's using them?
- What's running on them?
- Are they vulnerable?
- Is there sensitive data exposed?

Even if they could answer some of these questions, they typically don't have an effective way to remediate any issues when they find them.  This results in a lack of confidence or trust in the data, which often leads to friction between IT operations and cybersecurity teams.  

Tanium's XEM platform provides a single source of truth, and enables IT and cybersecurity leaders to gain more visibility over their enterprise wide endpoints, take more control of their endpoints, and drive faster remediation of vulnerabilities.

Tanium gives business leaders more confidence in critical decision making with real time, trusted data from their endpoints.

Why are you different?

The current approaches our industry has been pushing are flawed. Other IT security and management providers offer only a small piece of the solution required to protect our environments. They represent a patchwork of point solutions deployed across IT Operations, Security, Risk and Compliance groups. CIOs and CISOs are forced to buy tens of these different solutions, stitch them together themselves and make decisions based on data that is stale, inaccurate and incomplete. The reason why so many enterprises fall victim to ransomware attacks is that the tools they use are no match for the sophistication of attackers: tools are slow, unreliable and lack a common dataset to operate from. And they inherently create silos. Tanium is different.  Tanium is a converged endpoint management and security platform based on 3 pillars: speedy, simplicity, and scale.  Tanium enables real-time accurate visibility, more control, and faster remediation of risk on your endpoints.

Tell us something interesting about your company, your founders or your team.

Our founders, David and Orion Hindawi, are a father and son duo.  

Tanium is one agent, one console, allowing you to see everything and do anything on your endpoints remotely at speed and scale, requiring zero infrastructure as this is delivered in a SaaS model.  Our out of the box API integrations feed into SIEM's, SOAR's, SOC, CMDB, and ITSM tools with live accurate data from the endpoints so you can maximize your investments in those tools. The Tanium XEM (converged endpoint management and security) platform enables better visibility, more control, and faster remediation. Tanium drives the total cost of ownership down, reducing complexity and risk, and driving the cybersecurity posture up!

Tell us why your employees love working for you or your customers keeping coming back.

Tanium is unlike any other software in the market and our ability to help customers over the long term is unrivalled. We have the opportunity to help our customers now, with their initial critical use cases, and the opportunity over the long term to help as their cybersecurity posture grows. The world’s most demanding organizations trust Tanium to protect people, defend data, and secure systems.

Tanium's powerful mission inspires our team members to do their best work, solve some of the world's biggest challenges, and make the world a safer and more secure place. Not everyone can say that.

We are stewards of a culture that emphasizes the importance of collaboration, respect, and diversity. In our pursuit of revolutionizing the way some of the largest enterprises and governments in the world solve their most difficult IT challenges, we are strengthened by our unique perspectives and by our collective actions.

Tanium is the best kept secret!