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Roberto Ishmael Pennino - A cybersecurity awareness star in the making

Anyone who follows the Canadian Cybersecurity Network, should know who Roberto Ishmael Pennino is. He is CCN’s biggest cheerleader, someone who loves Canada and cybersecurity and who loves education and to help people and companies out. Ishmael is also looking for the start of a cybersecurity career and anyone who needs a resource related to cybersecurity awareness and education should be putting Ishmael at the top of the list. If CCN had a role, we would hire him tomorrow. So who is he?

He is a Montreal native with a passion for nature, literature, and making a difference. His career journey includes teaching in the Middle East and studying health sciences. while experiences in wildlife conservation in Africa profoundly shaped his life outlook.

The escalating threat landscape of cyber attacks globally sparked his interest in cybersecurity. This led him to participate in the Lighthouse Labs Cybersecurity Bootcamp and subsequently he enrolled in the Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Toronto Metropolitan University Accelerated Cybersecurity Training Program. Through this program, Ishmael acquired valuable certifications and skills, including three GIAC certifications and he is also certified in Cybersecurity (CC) certification from ISC2.

Ishmael says supporting the Canadian Cybersecurity Network is vital to him because it fosters collaboration and raises awareness nationwide. As Canada's largest cybersecurity network, it unites stakeholders from government, businesses, communities, and education to create cybersecurity leaders and advocate for inclusive education programs. Overall, he says his support for the network stems from its dedication to building a safer digital future through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

He is passionate about fostering collaboration and building partnerships to create a more resilient cyber ecosystem. In essence, his passion for cybersecurity stems from a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the digital realm, protecting our infrastructure, and ensuring a safer future for all.

In our recent discussion, Ishmael identified some of the challenges he faces to enter the cybersecurity industry. From his non- traditional IT background to a lack of a significant technical background Roberto is trying to navigate to his dream role. Ideally he aims to secure a position in cybersecurity, particularly in awareness, education, and training. His goal is to actively contribute to initiatives empowering individuals and organizations in navigating the digital realm securely. Ultimately, he envisions playing a significant role in advancing cybersecurity awareness and resilience. From my years in recruitment, I see Ishmael being an amazing success in this role as his dedication and enthusiasm to his trade is at the highest level.

Looking for someone to grow your cybersecurity awareness in your company? Contact Ishmael For members of the Canadian Cybersecurity Network, you can message Roberto directly.