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New cybersecurity website focused on making Canada the envy of the cybersecurity world


The Canadian Cybersecurity Network, Canada's largest cybersecurity member network with over 31,000 members has launched a new website to focus on three key goals; Increase cybersecurity talent and businesses in Canada and to help Canada become one of the world’s most cyber aware nations. The network has been in place for less than four years, but in the past year it has doubled in size. The organization also runs Canadian Cybersecurity Jobs, the only job cybersecurity job portal in Canada.

The key to achieving these lofty goals says Francois Guay, the Founder of the network, is not only to develop innovative new talent and business programs, but to celebrate Canadian cyber excellence and to develop a national ecosystem of community partners all working together to solve common problems. To do that the Canadian Cybersecurity Network wants to celebrate, make visible every local, regional, and national cyber or IT organization event or educational program. Guay, says the Canadian Cybersecurity Network needs to be the cheerleader and the glue to making the ecosystem come together. As the only national organization bringing together all cybersecurity individuals together, we see it as our role to highlight and bring national resources, programs and initiatives that can develop, keep talent and businesses in Canada. Not one group organization, business or government organization in Canada can do it alone, it needs to be a full out coordinated team effort.

Ian Paterson, CEO of Plurilock adds that the “Canadian Cybersecurity Network is positioned at the vanguard of progress, Canadian cybersecurity thrives through the orchestration of collective collaboration. Those in the industry are guided by a shared commitment to staying ahead of the curve and sharing best practices to keep everyone safe.”
The network will be launching lots of new initiatives in the coming weeks, everyone one of them focused on growing talent, businesses, or awareness in Canada. The organizations motto is “Stronger Together” a cue to diversity and to collaboration. We know that the only way to overcome the future cyber challenges the world faces, is that we need to come together and become stronger together.  To find out more and to join, go to

Francois Guay, the Founder of the network says the new site will offer direct access to innovative services like Hackers on Video, Canadian Cybersecurity Jobs and business services like the new Canadian Cybersecurity Business Directory, Canadian Cybersecurity Events Directory and monthly webinars.