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Goodbye and good riddance to “Canadian work experience”

The news by the Ontario Government, that it would be banning the use of “Canadian work experience from being requested by employers is long overdue. The rest of Canada needs to follow suit as well and quickly to demonstrate it lives in the future, not in the past. I for one will be happy to see this requirement disappear and I also encourage employers to require less roles with specific certifications and number of years of experience.

A good cybersecurity hire is one that can demonstrate good technical and business skills and competencies that meet specific employer needs. That could mean anyone in the world can meet those requirements, regardless of certifications, education, or Canadian experience. With the current lack of what are deemed qualified cybersecurity talent hires, we need to change our approach to assessing and pre-screening talent to become more aware of the skills and competencies anyone, can bring to the table. Current job descriptions, cobbled together by some questionable practices, make no sense in today’s talent scarcity environment. Smart companies will always win because they assess talent based on passion and abilities.

" Research has shown that diversity is clearly an advantage in cybersecurity. Individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, gender and backgrounds, bring the ability and competencies to better understand human behaviour on a much larger scale. It stands to reason that non-Canadian work experience would bring that same big plus, to our workforce". Francois Guay, Founder, Canadian Cybersecurity Network

Of course, education, certifications and work experience are all relevant and should be pursued by those looking to enter and thrive in cybersecurity, but they should never alone, be used to assess what makes a great hire. Great employers already know this and are already way ahead of the mainstream employers. Re-invent your hiring practices to access a wider talented pool, your business results and shareholders will thank you.