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CyberVoices - Cybersecurity thought leadership

CyberVoices is our new thought leadership program. CyberVoices is the voice of our community, what we feel are the important issues our communities and Canada want to discuss and work on.

A few weeks ago, we had our first monthly meeting of the IT World Canada and CCN media advisory group, represented by a group of leadership voices from across the country and from different disciplines and perspectives. Chaired by Jim Love, Producer of IT World Canada and Francois Guay, Founder of CCN, the group is composed of Julianna Zaremba, George Al-Khoura, Andreanne Bergeron, David Shipley, Timothy King, Deryck Greer, Sheri Rumboldt, Ian L. Patterson and Kimberley St-Pierre.

It was a dynamic and constructive discussion with many amazing topics raised for action. The group was clear that what we need is action to stem from the discussion. Our next meetings will focus on how we take action.

CyberVoices is more than the advisory committee, it also has a strong group of more than 30 experts from across Canada with expertise in all areas of cybersecurity from privacy, ransomware, OT, architecture, education, government and so much more. These experts will not only be called in to supplement the media advisory committee but to write thought leadership articles, podcast, host events and be available to media requests. Details on the overall CyberVoices group will be announced shortly. 

CyberVoices will continue to add experts to the initiative in the coming months.